Stantec brings bold design to new Atlantis University Campus


Architecture and design firm Stantec recently announced it has begun exterior and interior work that features “bright pops of color, industrial accents and a coffee shop encased in a shipping container” as part of its work for Atlantis University’s new campus in Miami’s Health District

As part of its aim to become one of the “most authentic and innovative universities in south FloridaAtlantis University, the university last year engaged several developers to build out the new campus. It also retained Stantec “to design and prepare Atlantis University’s layout by following standards from creative office spaces such as Google, Facebook and Citrix.”

A media release from Stantec quoted Eric Holland, principal in its Miami office as saying: “The school wanted a dynamic space that reflected the needs of an innovative learning environment within a stylish, creative setting. The new design will serve as another recruiting tool for the school’s continued expansion.” 

Features included minimalist bright blue interior walls “with exposed ceilings amid polished concrete floors and light woods with bursts of bold colors that reflect a hip, industrial vibe.”

Classroom spaces are equipped with state of the art technology and are divided by plywood and tinted blue and green specially designed glass. The large open atrium is described as “awash in natural light, pale woods, with pops of vivid colors and flexible, adaptable meeting sections.”

Lounge areas have been described as a “refuge with muted woods and scattered greenery highlighted with intense red accents that help create an atmosphere conducive to student congregation and interaction.”

The design also features an eighth-floor outdoor terrace and a coffee shop encased in a shipping container that will act as a focal point.

Work is expected to be completed for spring 2017.


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