Reed Roofing proves itself with two successful, safe historic restoration projects: Respecting heritage while maintaining modern building standards


Florida Construction News staff writer

Florida Constructions News highlights and recognizes two successful central Florida historic renovation projects, which demonstrate Reed Roofing Company’s success in combining safety, innovation and thoughtful planning.

The work last year on 635 12th Ave. NE in St. Petersburg and 4811 Beachway Dr. in South Tampa demonstrate how the company – originally established in 1929 in St. Petersburg – can adapt to challenges that would thwart or deter most roofing contractors.

In both cases, Reed Roofing combined thoughtful restorations with modern implementation, namely applying thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) single-ply roofing membrane systems.

The first successful project, restoring the Inezda Apartments in downtown St. Petersburg, required some thought and research – including viewing an old postcard of the structure to see how it looked before decades of intervening work had covered up the original structure’s style from when it was a seasonal winter rental for northerners.

“The vision to rejuvenate was exciting,” Reed Roofing president Todd Reed said. The building’s owner, investment banker Troy Newsome, “expressed concerns with getting the right roofing contractor, sharing his reservations based on prior experience.”

“I convinced the owner,” Reed said. “I believed in the vision and our team would be able to meet his expectations. We sealed the partnership and work began to replace the traditional asphalt roof with a TPO-ISO Low Slope System, in addition to clay tile and copper scupper restoration.”

The team completed the project successfully on time and within budget. “My customer expressed delight and his desire to maintain a business and professional friendship.”

In the second project, the Cimino family interviewed more than six roofing contractors as they sought how to restore their home, originally constructed in 1923, to its Old Florida Spanish style – while modernizing the building and roofing systems.

Reed said one of the property owner’s neighbours, the owner of Gulf Eagle Roofing Supply, knew of Reed Roofing as it is a customer. After several months, the Cimino Family decided to give the challenge to Reed: Locating an Italian-designed barrel clay tile, “hand made” with vibrant earth tone colors.

“We were able to partner with ArteZano’s, a supplier of hand-made tiles fabricated in Columbia and designed in Spain,” Reed said. “The flat porch roofs are lightweight concrete where we installed TPO, which enabled the client to use for recreation.”

Reed also worked with painters to restore the house paint – a special challenge because the original paint was lead-based, requiring special removal and permitting. “We installed custom fabricated scuppered, required to correct an architectural design flaw, and properly redirect water flow.”

Reed says the project wouldn’t have been possible without plenty of support from material manufacturers and suppliers. The Cimino family, who had dreamed of the successful project for a decade before discovering Reed Roofing, said that the contractor had exceeded their expectations allowing the “family to realize their dream.”

Todd Reed also noted that safety considerations played a major part in both projects’ planning and execution.

“My late father Rudolph Reed advised a roof project absence of ensuring the team’s safety is not successful. A good contractor returns team-members homes just as they departed. I’ve never forgotten this lesson.”

“My team is honored by the special recognition from Florida Construction News,” Reed said.
“Having a highly respected industry publication recognize Reed Roofing for craftsmanship reinforces our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.”


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