FORCE Customs: Making your customized truck or jeep just the way you want it to be

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Florida Construction News special feature

In business and life, there’s practical and there’s fun. When it comes to customized jeeps and trucks, the story is mostly about enjoyment. You don’t want to stress out about the process, while you seek a finished project reflecting your personality.

FORCE Customs clients say they get just what they want, a combination of their own vision with creative input and insight from Kevin Champ and his crew.

Champ, based in Tampa Bay, says his group has worked on more than 1,000 custom truck jobs over the years, and more than 50 per cent of his clients are in the construction industry.

Contractors often use the trucks to get to work, but FORCE isn’t about purely practical outfitting, such as adaptations to make it easier to load stuff or handle equipment and tools. Instead, FORCE customizes vehicles to give them personality, character and style – making them fun to look at, and of course, to drive.

Guy Calluja's customized Jeep
Guy Calluja’s customized jeep

Contractor Guy Calleja says he recently noticed FORCE Customs’ work when he was driving by the company’s lot, located near his office. It turns out that Calleja knew Champ from a previous custom project, and he was ready for another build.

Like many of Champs’ clients, “I had an idea in my mind, what I thought it would look like” when done.

But Champ added something extra to the equation. “As he did the first go round, but especially this time, he was really invaluable,” Calleja said. “There was a lot of great insight from him – he knows the ones that turned out great and the ones that didn’t come out so great, so he had a lot of good input.”

Through the review, changes, updates, and enhancements, Calleja said Champ always had a positive attitude and worked hard to ensure that the final product would truly meet his expectations.

Champ says the timeframe and cost for the customizations depend on the truck and the level of modifications the owners wish. In some cases, there are simple and inexpensive modifications that can be completed within a few days, while others require more extensive customization and time.

Much of his business is local in the Central Florida area, but FORCE Customs receives orders throughout the state, and even beyond, because of the company’s reputation.

There’s always a focus on client satisfaction. Each job has a 12,000, 12-month warranty, plus additional manufacturers’ warranties if they are available.

However, the best success measure is whether clients are happy to speak positively about their experience.

Matt Truman's truck
Matt Truman’s 2019 GMC 2500 lift truck

Matt Truman with Bayco Contracting, put it simply: Force Customs were “very easy to deal with,” he said. “They have a quality product, and great customer service.” for his relatively simple project, a six-day customization

Truman said he sensed “everyone that worked there (at FORCE Customs) seemed like they were working well together, and synchronized.” In the end, he said, he received exactly what he wanted, combining his own wishes with recommendations to improve the concept. “They.put the two ideas together to get the most cost-efficient but still a quality product.”

Meanwhile, Calleja says after two successful jobs with FORCE Customs, he is preparing for another. His son’s jeep is ready for a make-over, and he knows exactly where to take the job.

FORCE Customs’ motto is simple: “Your dream. . . . We build it.”

For more information, see or phone (833) 633-6723.


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