Mosaic Development proposes 120-room hotel near SunRail

mosaic project central florida

Mosaic Development is proposing a 120-room boutique hotel as part of a lakefront redevelopment near one of four new SunRail Phase 2 South commuter train stations in Central Florida.

On Aug. 24, a groundbreaking ceremony will be held for the first phase of Toho Square project which will include apartments and townhomes with parking.

Mosaic is now marketing the second phase, what’s known as the Hansell Plant portion of the project, which is planned to include a boutique hotel.

“We’re looking for a quality hotelier, a little on the boutique side,” Mosaic’s principal of development and finance strategies Roxanne Amoroso told Orlando Business Journal. Plans for the hotel include an Old Florida Vernacular architectural design to fit in with the surrounding community, Amoroso said.

A site plan for the hotel shows amenities including a pool, a small ground-floor retail kiosk like Starbucks, a one-level parking deck and 10,000 sq. ft. of conference space, city of Kissimmee documents showed. The property also may include a valet drop-off area.

Hansell Plant includes a 260-unit apartment complex and 15,000 sq. ft. of retail/office space across from Kissimmee’s Big Toho Marina.


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