Mc Gowan completes South Pasadena Walmart Neighbourhood Market project

mcgowan pasadena

Mc Gowan Builders has announced  that the company recently completed a 40,000-sq. ft. Walmart Neighborhood Market in South Pasadena, Florida.

The project was the eighth partnership between Walmart Stores, Inc. and Mc Gowan Builders, and the first takeover and refitting of a preexisting building shell. Located within a 50-year-old shopping center, the building formerly served as a Publix Super Market, Mc Gowan reported in a news release.

“Mc Gowan Builders finished the ambitious project on an accelerated schedule,” the announcement said. “The Mc Gowan team gutted the building while keeping the four outer walls intact and removed 50 percent of the existing concrete floor to introduce and install new refrigeration, plumbing and electrical systems. In addition to making these necessary upgrades to the building’s interior, Mc Gowan Builders built and mounted a new roof. Throughout the process, Mc Gowan Builders made certain that the older building met and exceeded strict modern building codes.”

This project is part of Walmart Stores, Inc.’s expansion into the grocery market. The Walmart Neighborhood Market now serves the South Pasadena community with fresh food from a location easily accessible to commuters and motorists.


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