Mc Gowan Builders modernizes 40-year old building in Miami Beach


Mc Gowan Builders Inc. recently announced that it retrofitted a historic building in Miami Beach to serve as a TD Bank branch.

In a statement, the company said that it modernized the 40-year-old building to LEED-Certified status.

According to Mc Gowan Builders, it overcame many challenges inherent to working with historic buildings. Without disturbing the building’s outer shell, the company successfully installed a new roof, waterproofing, underground utilities and mechanical systems, interior finishes and impact windows.

In addition to amending the building to meet strict modern building codes, Mc Gowan Builders’ work was awarded LEED Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. Prerequisites that must be satisfied to attain LEED Certification include water efficiency, using eco-friendly materials and resources, and building a green infrastructure.

The project is Mc Gowan Builders’ second for TD Bank in the region — earlier this year, the company built the first 2900-square-foot TD Bank branch in South Florida, which was also awarded with LEED status.


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