Mattoni Group prepares three multi-family projects in West Miami

solest gables

Miami-based Mattoni Group, a real estate investment firm, plans to deliver the first of its three multifamily projects in West Miami, according to The Real Deal.

Soleste West Gables, at 2101 Ludlam Road, will be opening Sept. 1, said Mattoni Group president and founder Ricardo Caporal.

The Real Deal reports Mattoni is also planning two additional multifamily buildings: Soleste Prado, which will open in the early fall of 2016; and Soleste West Gables 2, which will open in the spring or summer of 2017.

The firm is partnering with Estate Investments Group and Fortune Capital Partners for all three projects.

Architect Caymart Design has designed all three buildings, which are ground-up construction, Caporal said.

The partners bought all the sites as distressed properties

“Mattoni Group, a private equity firm, has focused on multifamily projects from Florida to North Carolina, and plans to invest in hotels in the Caribbean, Caporal said. The company recently launched another multifamily project in Brandon, Florida,” the Real Deal website said.


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