Florida’s Top 10 sub-trades, supplies and service professionals: Excellence in a diversity of specialties

reed roofing
Reed Roofing's project to The first successful project to restore the Inezda Apartments in downtown St. Petersburg reflected the company's competence with challenging heritage projects.

Florida Construction News staff writer

Defining Florida’s Top 10 construction industry sub-trades, suppliers and service professionals is not an easy task. Many qualities go into qualification for membership in this exclusive list. We assessed company’s reputation, visibility, diversity, and, in some cases, whether a Florida Construction News reader nominated the business.

All of these organizations are worthy of special recognition. However, they shouldn’t be ranked hierarchically, so the following Top 10 list is alphabetical.

B&I Contractors, Inc.

This mechanical trades contractor, with offices in Fort Myers, Tamarac, Sarasota and Tampa, wasted no time in supporting Fort Meyers High school in providing funds to cover the costs in certifying students in AutoCAD and purchasing product supplies with a $5,000 donation.

“We are happy to provide assistance for our public school systems especially when it creates the opportunity for students to develop engineering skills that will make them more successful in the future,” said executive vice-president and chief operating officer Jason Grabowski.

Capua Law

Like any good foundation, “the mission at Capua Law is to develop solid long-term relationships that companies can build on, with attorneys that are accessible, passionate, and practical.”

Every dispute—construction especially—has its unique set of challenges so a core goal of the law firm is to be effective and add value.

See Capua Law Firm focuses on construction, business and employment

E-Foam, LLC

This Winter Garden-based company manufactures and commercializes architectural decorative foam for interior and exterior decor.

The business, founded in 2007, serves various aspects of the construction industry including custom homes, multi-family, industrial and commercial projects,

Force Customs

Kevin Champ and his team at Force Customs in Tampa Bay deliver customized trucks and jeeps, reflecting the personality and desires of dozens of construction-industry clients.

See FORCE Customs: Making your customized truck or jeep just the way you want it to be

Lotus Capital Partners

This business helps to provide the money that makes construction work possible. “With advisory assignments now spanning three continents, Lotus is a global capital arranger and the fastest growing real estate capital advisory firm in the US. Lotus serves its clients through two business lines: Debt placement and loan sales and distribution.

“Our area of excellence is commercial real estate finance and our approach combines a deep appreciation for our clients’ real estate capital needs, entrepreneurial thinking, and most importantly, an unwavering dedication to those we serve,” the company says.


PlanHub provides an all-in-one tool to bid on projects as a subcontractor, and post contracts as a general contractor, while sharing project files and important information on a cloud-based network that can be accessed anywhere. The company is headquartered in West Palm Beach, with a supplementary office in Tallahassee.

“We benefit a lot by making sure we are sending our proposals to all of the GC’s that are bidding the specific job,” one trade contractor reported. “We get direct ITB’s from most of our customers, but it’s always valuable to see ‘who else’ is bidding the job so that we maximize our opportunity of winning the project.”

Poblocki Sign Company

Poblocki Sign Company specializes in custom architectural signage, creating  innovative solutions for exterior, interior, digital and wayfinding signage. “We use a collaborative concept-to-completion approach that integrates the design, engineering, fabrication, project management and installation components of your sign project. Our commitment is delivering custom signage that enhances how your brand engages, informs and connects with your audience,” the business says.  It has offices in Orlando and Tampa.

Pro-Tile & Marble

Based in Jacksonville, this family-owned and operated tile and stone installation firm serves residential and commercial areas throughout northeast Florida.

“As a contractor, Pro-Tile & Marble has been outstanding to work with. It’s hard to find subcontractors who are timely, organized, easy to get ahold of, and who also deliver an excellent product,” a general contractor reported. “I have used Pro-Tile & Marble on several of my jobs and they continue to exceed my expectations.”


This national business provides a wide range of certified glass balustrades, baluster railings, handrails, glass adapters and glass clamps
“Q-railing’s system are renowned for their flexibility,” the company says. “Thanks to their modular design, you can mix and match components in any way you wish, creating truly unique balustrades.”

Reed Roofing

Reed Roofing has been in business since 1929 – it is the longest-lasting roofing contractor in the St. Petersburg area.  It has rightfully earned its reputation for excellence over three generations of service.

See a special feature profile outlining two two successful central Florida historic renovation projects, which demonstrate Reed Roofing Company’s success in combining safety, innovation and thoughtful planning.


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