FIU unveils new design for replacement FIU pedestrian bridge

fiu bridge redesign
Image from FDOT

Florida is unveiling a new design for the replacement of the Florida International University (FIU) pedestrian bridge that collapsed on March 16, 2018, crushing cars on the roadway below and killing six people.

The planned design will be outlined at a public meeting tonight (May 4) for the replacement project initially announced by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) in 2020,

Instead of the concrete structure that was considered cutting edge before its failure, the new bridge will be made of traditional steel girders, the Miami Herald quoted Daniel Iglesias, an engineer overseeing state transportation projects in the Miami area, as saying.

“The first bridge was pre-built on a staging area nearby and put into place days before the collapse,” the Herald reported. “Contractors used an ‘accelerated’ construction method as a way to shorten building times and minimize traffic disruption. The new bridge connecting the campus with Sweetwater over Southwest Eighth Street would be built at the site, with planning to take into account Eighth Street traffic disruptions.”


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