Northeast Florida high school teacher recognized as national 2022 ACE Exemplary School Champion

Mr. Kevin Davenport; Judy Deshler, Haskell; Jacob Thurlow, Haskell; Nicole Eubanks, ACE Mentor Program of NEFL
Mr. Kevin Davenport; Judy Deshler, Haskell; Jacob Thurlow, Haskell; Nicole Eubanks, ACE Mentor Program of NEFL

Kevin Davenport, a teacher at Creekside High School in St. Johns County, was selected as one of six National 2022 ACE Exemplary School Champions.

“The competition was especially keen this year,” the ACE Mentor Program of Northeast Florida said in a May 2 statement. Along with the Northeast FL affiliate, other winners of the award come from Seattle, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Cleveland.

The statement said: “Davenport is an exemplary nominee, well deserving of this award.” Since beginning the ACE Mentor Program at the during the 2015-2016 school year, Davenport “has been a tireless advocate and promoter. He understands the impact the program has on his students and has been responsible for its growth within the St. Johns County School District. He remains a tremendous asset to the ACE Mentor Program, critical to its success and growth.”

Davenport, who has worked as a civil engineer and holds a civil engineering degree, also has a master’s degree in construction management.

“This experience has equipped him with extensive engineering and business insight that he passes along to his students,” the statement says. He currently teaches applied engineering to grade 10–12 students and leads the county in the number of students receiving industry certifications in programs such as AutoCAD, Revit and Inventor.

In 2014, Mr. Davenport was introduced to the ACE Mentor Program, which he saw as a great opportunity for his students.

This school year, the program expanded to two classrooms, growing participation from 30 to 42 students—this makes Creekside High School the largest program within the Northeast Florida affiliate. Since the program began, more than 100 students have moved forward to pursue a career within the AEC industry.

“I owe my success both financially and academically to Kevin Davenport”, says Daniel Paul, graduate of Creekside High School’s class of 2018. “As a student at Creekside, he went out of his way to consistently improve my capabilities, and even adapted the full curriculum to include more of what I had a passion for (that being architecture). He not only teaches his students, but learns from them as well, something all excellent leaders need to be capable of.”


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