Work begins on new hangar project in Jacksonville

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Sunshine Recycling began work on a new construction project at Cecil Field airport in Jacksonville, Fla.

The company will work with Balfour Beatty Construction and will provide both 20-yard and 30-yard dumpsters to the construction site.

The project is building a new 150,000-square-foot hangar at the airport. The new hangar is expected to create 350-400 new jobs, and will be equipped by Flightstar Aircraft Services, Sunshine Recycling said in a statement.

Flightstar currently maintains, repairs and converts aircraft at Cecil Field and will be leasing the hangar and an additional 11.5 acres. The hangar will allow Flightstar to service an additional four to six aircraft at a time.

Sunshine Recycling expects that there will be a significant amount of concrete produced in the early stages of construction and is providing 20-yard dumpsters to haul away the concrete to a specialized recycling facility.

Sunshine Recycling will then provide 30-yard dumpsters for normal construction debris, such as wood, cardboard, paper and metal.

The $27 million project was approved by the Jacksonville Aviation Authority. Construction is estimated to take 15 months, and new job positions will be filled in the 12-18 months following completion.

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