UCF improperly transferred nearly $100 million for construction projects

Courtesy of University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida improperly transferred nearly $100 million for construction projects, according to investigators.

The investigation team, led by Joey Burby, gave a list to the board of governors that shows about $61 million of operating funds steered into the accounts of 11 projects, including three tied to the new downtown campus, WFTV reports.

“We’re now in the process of performing a deep dive into each of the projects on this list through document review, witness interviews to try and determine how the decision was made to use E&G funds, who made it and why,” Burby was quoted as saying.

“We have taken extensive measures to ensure we appropriately spend our money. These preliminary findings and our ongoing conversations with the Board of Governors will help us develop the strongest checks and balances and restore trust,” the university said in a statement.

Read full report here.


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