TIREBOSS™ solves a problem: Truck tire pressure should be variable, depending on load, speed, and working conditions

tireboss ready mix truck

From its beginnings in 1996, Tire Pressure Control International Ltd. (TPC International) has grown to be a global presence, providing on/off-road mobility solutions for trucking applications in the forestry, oilfield, concrete, agriculture, and power utility industries with their TIREBOSS™ Tire Pressure Control Systems.

Founders and company vice-president Les Hinz and president Brian Spreen, were instrumental in the implementation of the first Tire Pressure Control systems for North American commercial truck transport applications.They have 25+ years each in implementing Tire Pressure Control Systems for the benefit of various industries around the world.

Hinz says the first application addressed a need in forestry and grew from there. Today the team supports 8,000+ systems worldwide.

“We see our product addressing different needs in different regions around the world and in different industries,” he said. “In Florida, for instance, the application is well suited to dealing with sand. In some industries, the issue we address may be field compaction or road sensitivity. In others, it may be mobility in the mud related to a specific jobsite.”

An explanation on TIREBOSS’s website explains the benefits: “Tire inflation pressures are generally specified to permit a vehicle to carry a full payload at highway speeds without overheating its tires. Consequently, when the vehicle is partially loaded, unloaded, or traveling at reduced speeds, its tires are overinflated for the operating conditions. Overinflated tires can contribute to a variety of problems including poor mobility, increased vehicle vibration, tire wear, an occurrence of tire punctures and damage to the road surface.”

He says the company’s TIREBOSS system is beneficial anywhere trucks are off-road or have mobility issues. Related to the concrete industry, he says benefits include a cost-effective alternative to all-wheel drive, improved mobility and traction, better site access and reduced site damage. Vehicle maintenance costs are also reduced from the smoother ride and less vibration.

“The product can be installed on, and transferred to, any truck so it provides a long lasting solution. It also increases the life of tires by ensuring they are always at the correct pressure at various stages of the haul cycle.”

The technology can be applied to any vehicle from delivery trucks to pumpers, to ready-mix vehicles.

Hinz says safety is a key focus of TPC and built into TIREBOSS. The technology has been designed to monitor the vehicle’s speed and to alert the driver if the tire pressure should be adjusted, and will automatically inflate the tires if the alerts are ignored.

“Safety is a big focus of what we do. From the system design to the training tools and on the ground training we provide drivers, we work to ensure driver safety.”

Hinz says that TIREBOSS is a long term quality product. Part of the company’s reputation, he says, is based on its strong technical support, and in part on TPC’s success serving its clients so they can better serve their clients. “Our focus is our client, on ensuring they are well taken care of, that the system is working efficiently, that any issues are addressed, and that the customer is as happy in year one as year 10.”

TPC is a member of Florida Independent Concrete & Associated Products Inc., and a member of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

For more information, visit www.tireboss.com/benefit-for-concrete.

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