Stantec begins renovations of Berkley Shore Hotel in Miami Beach

1620 collins miami

Stantec’s Miami office has begun renovations for the Berkeley Shore hotel in Miami Beach. Located at 1610 Collins Ave., the 45,100 sf redevelopment will include a total of 96 guestrooms, a restaurant, and the addition of a new ten-story tower with rooftop Zen garden and pool.

Built in 1940, the Berkeley Shore was originally designed by famous Art Deco architect Albert Anis. The new design concept consists of restoring the boutique hotel to its original grandeur by replicating some of its historic Art Deco architectural qualities.

The restoration will include extensive use of natural materials such as wood and stone intertwined with textural elements. Open layout guestrooms will showcase a mix of clean design and contemporary lifestyle, Stantec says in a news release.

“The new tower will be located behind the existing structure and will resemble the original exterior design of the historic hotel, but with a modern architectural aesthetic to create a symbiosis of past and present. The Berkley Shore Hotel is scheduled for completion in spring of 2016.”


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