RSS Roofing Services & Solutions re-roof local Florida churches

faith umc roof
An earlier picture of Faith UMC's roof (from Facebook)

RSS Roofing Services & Solutions Florida says it has  recently donated more than $25,000 in resources to re-roof two local charities: Faith United Methodist Church and St. Rose of Lima Parish.

For the Faith United Methodist Church, RSS donated approximately $7,000 of materials and equipment to finish the 1,000-sq. ft. re-roofing project. They also donated resources to provide a new 5,000-sq. ft. pantry roof at St. Rose of Lima Parish, which was estimated to cost $18,500.

“RSS Roofing Services & Solutions is committed to building effective relationships with organizations in its neighborhood,” said Mark Gregory, general manager of RSS Florida. “When Faith UMC in Orlando needed to re-roof its kitchen, RSS volunteered to help the community members.”

Denise Clark, treasurer of Faith United Methodist Church, said in a statement: “We are most appreciative of RSS’ willingness to donate materials and labor for this effort. A new roof was long overdue!”

RSS Florida also committed to help expand the Kissimmee-based St. Rose of Lima Parish’s pantry roof, which was 3,000 sq. ft. and will be rebuilt to 5,000 sq. ft. The parish was in need of both monetary and in-kind donations for the facility. This re-roof project will begin later this year.


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