Oleta Partners launches free construction training courses


Oleta Partners has formed a partnership with CBT College to offer free construction training to North Miami senior high school seniors.

The seven-month program, which will be managed by the SoLe Mia Local Preference Office, is designed to help address the shortage of skilled laborers plaguing the construction industry by fostering a new generation of qualified construction workers.

Students will complete courses in Building Construction Technology and will be introduced to different construction trades including carpentry, masonry and plumbing. They will learn from experienced faculty and receive at least 50 percent hands-on training time in the school’s laboratories, which are tailored to provide real-world experience.

Oleta Partners said that it will provide free transportation to and from CBT College for students.

Upon successful completion of the program, students would have earned a total of 21 college credits and will receive a diploma in Building Construction Technology. With their training and diploma, they will be prepared to enter the workforce as building construction technicians or assistants.


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