Modular building convention to start from March 22 in Florida


The Modular Building Institute (MBI) has announced that the 35th Annual World of Modular convention will be take place in Hollywood, FL.

The convention and trade show will be held at the Diplomat Beach Resort from March 22 to March 25. The four-day event will feature networking opportunities and educational seminars.

For 35 years, the institute’s convention has provided professionals in the industry a place to network, exchange ideas, learn from experts, discuss issues, and display new products.

The event serves as an open forum for anyone interested in the modular construction industry. For suppliers of building products, services, and financing, the trade show remains the best place to reach manufacturers and dealers of modular buildings.

This year’s conference agenda will focus on the themes of technology, trends and innovation; business and risk management; and best practices/case study presentations, featuring high-profile modular builders, economists, academics, and industry leaders as speakers, according to MBI.

Economist Anirban Basu, the CEO of Sage Policy Group, will be giving a market forecast for the construction industry, sharing drivers and trends to highlight opportunities for 2018.

Steffen Fuchs of McKinsey & Company will be delivering his keynote session titled “Reinventing Construction Through a Productivity Revolution.” McKinsey Global Institute has been researching and studying this topic of construction productivity for years and published their findings in 2017. Steffen will be exploring what’s achievable if the industry were to execute a lean philosophy and modularize its designs to allow for manufacturing at scale.

Professor Ryan Smith from the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Utah will be updating the industry with his findings from a year-long international research effort on increasing market acceptance and adoption rates for modular construction from a global perspective. This effort is made in conjunction with MBI’s 5 in 5 Initiative to increase the market share of the commercial modular building industry from its estimated 2.5% to 5% of all new construction starts by 2020.

Jennifer Lund, senior director of Marriott International’s Global Design Strategies division, will be discussing how Marriott Hotels are using modular construction on a global basis to achieve speed, cost control, and quality to market to best create incredible experiences for their guests.

Chris Giattina, the CEO of BLOX, will be giving a presentation titled, “The 2x2x2 Initiative: Making Buildings with Twice the Quality, Twice as Fast, at Half the Cost.” This session serves as a primer for the project delivery platform Design Manufacturing Construct (DMC) and is based on the results of an ongoing 5-year case study with the nation’s largest healthcare provider.

Stephen Shang of Falcon Structures will be advising on the safe use of modified shipping containers. With multiple state agencies drafting new rules on the use of containers and the International Code Council considering new language in the building codes to address modified containers specifically, this session will update attendees on the latest policies, regulations and efforts surrounding the safe use of modified shipping containers.

In addition, the University of Alberta’s Hole School of Engineering is co-locating its Modular and Offsite Construction Summit (MOCS) with World of Modular. MOCS brings together the leading global researchers, academics, and advocates of offsite construction.


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