SchenkelShultz Architecture promotes two associates, names principal

Marina Giammattei
Marina Giammattei

Marina Giammattei has been promoted to associate at SchenkelShultz Architecture in Orlando.

Giammattei has 12 years of design experience including Building Information Modeling and holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s of Architecture from Florida International University. She previously served in a design support role since joining the firm in 2015.

Meanwhile, Patrick Hartig was also promoted to associate at the practice’s Fort Myers office. A Lee County resident since 1997, Hartig has 30 years of professional design experience, and previously served as project manager since joining the firm in 2015. Certified as a LEED Accredited Professional by the United States Green Building Council, Hartig earned an Associate’s degree of Architectural Technology from St. Louis Community College.

Gay Geiger
Gay Geiger

Also Gay L. Geiger has been promoted to associate principal. She has 30 years of design experience and holds a Master’s of Architecture and Bachelor’s of Design from the University of Florida. She previously served as project architect since joining the firm in 2015.


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