Judges meet to review CASF Craftsmanship Awards nominations

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The Construction Association of South Florida (CASF) gathered 18 judges on Sept. 7 to begin the process of selecting this year’s Craftsmanship Awards winners. Over the next month, the judges will donate their time and expertise to individually evaluate the 119 nominations submitted.

This year’s judges are August Pujols, A.R.P. Engineering & Design Corp.; Adolfo Cotilla, Acai Associates; Pete Ebersole, Architectural Alliance; Kelly Mejia, Balfour Beatty Construction; Murray Bryntesen, Bryntesen & Associates; Kona Gray, EDSA, Inc.; Larry Martineau, FSMY Architects; Jim Moselund, Gulf Building, LLC; Art Kamm, KAMM Consulting, Inc.; Michael Miles, Kimley-Horn, P.E.; Bob Loucks, Loucks Engineering; Brian Sudduth, Miller Construction Company; Brett Atkinson, Moss & Associates; Dan Nolan, Nolan Construction Company; Norberto Rosenstein, Norberto Rosenstein Architect; Jeff Peal, Stiles Architectural Group; Andrew Youngross, Thompson & Youngross Engineering; and Henry Shawah, Whiting-Turner Contracting Company.

The Craftsmanship Awards started in 1958 with the goal of publicly recognizing and applauding South Florida region’s most skilled craftsmen. By recognizing outstanding work, CASF members show their appreciation for skill and quality workmanship.

This year’s winners will be recognized at the 58th Annual Craftsmanship Awards Banquet on Thursday, Nov. 10 at The Signature Grand in Davie. For information about attending the banquet please contact Jo at jmontenegro@casf.org.


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