IBT of Miami reaches construction milestone at El Salvador hospital project

San Miguel Regional Hospital
Artist’s rendering showing the San Miguel Regional Hospital in El Salvador (IBT of Miami)

IBT of Miami, a global firm specializing in large-scale infrastructure development, announced Nov. 3 the achievement of the first construction milestone, completing 20 percent of construction at the San Miguel Regional Hospital, Republic of El Salvador.

“The work includes the dismantling and demolition of existing infrastructure that we began in November,” said Daniel Toledano, managing director and chief operating officer of IBT Group.

The San Miguel hospital will be the first tertiary hospital in the east region of San Salvador to offer specialized healthcare services. Their staff will include professionals specifically trained in treatment of advanced diseases and high-risk health problems, such as heart conditions and high-risk births.

Slated for completion in 2019, the new facility is expected to relieve patient congestion by as much as 15 percent at specialty hospitals in San Salvador. Additionally, it will offer easier accessibility as patients need to travel 85 miles to the west where existing institutions are located.

Upon completion in 2019, residents of the area will receive specialized healthcare in a facility equipped with the following resources: 160 hospital beds, five operating rooms, three emergency rooms, an intensive care unit, intermediate care, nephrology care, 63 external consultations, emergency service, a pharmacy, blood laboratory, imaging, ambulatory medical procedures, and physical medicine. According to pre-construction studies by the Salvadoran Institute of Social Security, the new hospital will serve 212,000 patients during the first two years.

“Unlike our usual turnkey projects where we fully design, build and equip a facility, the government of El Salvador will oversee a contractor to equip and furnish the hospital,” said Toledano.

Financing and overseeing the construction of the $60-million facility on Roosevelt Avenue is the United Nations’ Office of Project Services. Project work on the 355,209 sq. ft. hospital can be viewed live online at www.obrashrsm.com.


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