How to qualify to work on the I-4 Ultimate project

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The I-4 Ultimate website provides information to subcontractors, professional service providers and suppliers about how to qualify to work on the project at its website,  Here are excerpts explaining the process.

The I-4 Ultimate project has a nine percent disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) goal and a three percent small business enterprise (SBE) goal for the three distinct project phases: design, construction and operations and maintenance.

To learn more about DBE and SBE subcontracting opportunities on I-4 Ultimate, please contact SGL Constructors (the design-build joint venture for the I-4 Ultimate project):

  1. Rodney Renix, DBE Compliance Manager
    Phone: (407)623-6300

FDOT qualification of construction and design firms

Firms wishing to do business on an FDOT project must be pre-qualified and satisfy all technical qualification requirements. Firms must be pre-qualified in a specific Type of Work (TOW) prior to commencing project work.

The qualification process involves submitting the following materials to FDOT:

  1. A complete contractor qualification form.
  2. Audited financial statements within four months of the firm’s fiscal year end. If the most recent year’s annual audited financial statement(s) is not available at that time, the firm must submit its latest available audited financial statement and then submit the most recent year’s annual audited financial statements as soon as they become available, but in no event later than six months of its fiscal year-end.

The following TOWs are anticipated under the I-4 Ultimate project:

  • 2 – Major Highway Design
  • 3 – Controlled Access Highway Design
  • 2.1 – Major Bridge Design – Concrete
  • 2.2 – Major Bridge Design – Steel
  • 1 – Conventional Bridge Inspection
  • 3 – Complex Bridge Inspection
  • 4 – Bridge Load Rating
  • 1 – Traffic Engineering Studies
  • 2 – Traffic Signal Timing
  • 3.1 – Intelligent Transportation Systems Analysis and Design
  • 3.2 – Intelligent Transportation Systems Implementation
  • 3.3 – Intelligent Transportation Traffic Engineering Systems Communications
  • 1 – Signing, Pavement Marking and Channelization
  • 2 – Lighting
  • 3 – Signalization
  • 2– Design, Right of Way and Construction Surveying
  • 1 – Soil Exploration
  • 2 – Geotechnical Classification Lab Testing
  • 3 – Materials Testing
  • 4.1 – Standard Foundations Studies
  • 4.2 – Non-Redundant Drill Shaft Bridge Foundation Studies
  • 5 – Geotechnical Specialty Lab Testing
  • 1 – Roadway Construction Engineering Inspection
  • 3 – Construction Materials Testing
  • 5.1 – Major Bridge CEI – Concrete
  • 5.2 – Major Bridge CEI – Steel
  • 14 – Architect
  • 15 – Landscape Architect

Qualification requirements for each TOW include having experienced professionals (i.e., engineers, architects, surveyors, mappers, transportation planners, right of way acquisition consultants, etc.) on staff that are registered in accordance with state law. International and domestic professional engineering/design firms interested in participating in the project that do not have professionals within their firm currently registered in accordance with state law are strongly encouraged to contact the Florida Board of Professional Engineers at (850) 521-0500.

In addition, all firms must register to do business in the state. This can be accomplished by contacting the Division of Corporations within the Florida Department of State at (850) 245-6051.

Prequalification assistance

For assistance with the prequalification process, contact the FDOT Contracts Administration Office at (850) 414-4000. Firms also can obtain assistance with the engineering/design consultant prequalification process from the FDOT Procurement Office at (850) 414-4485.

To learn more about FDOT’s DBE and SBE certification programs, click here.

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