Emerson International Inc. plans new Altamonte Springs office tower


Last year’s terrorist attacks temporarily derailed Emerson International‘s plans for a 300-room high-rise hotel at its CenterPointe On the Park development in Altamonte Springs.

Now the developer has filed preliminary site plans to get an environmental resource permit for a 628-space, up to seven-storey parking garage to support a new 125,000 sq. ft., up to seven-storey office tower, Orlando Business Journal reports.

The office tower would be built in the second phase on 3.4 acres at 590 CenterPointe Circle and would be called CenterPointe Building III.

“Altamonte is becoming a hot market,” said  Almonte city manager Frank Martz. “With the number of high-end residential units coming, this (CenterPointe Building III) seems like a natural evolution of our downtown area.”

Emerson International previously built CenterPointe One — a four-storey, 104,000 sq. ft. office building — and CenterPointe Two — a four-storey, 113,000 sq. ft. office building. It also built Emerson Plaza I and II, which are 12-storey residential condo towers less than half a mile from the parcel slated for CenterPointe Building III. This is all part of an extensive master plan to have a mix of uses in that area.

Plans for the third CenterPointe office building date back to 2007. Emerson International expected to begin work on what then was called “CenterPointe Three,” a five-storey, 107,000 sq. ft. office building.


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