Dunkman Paint & Wallcovering offering English classes to employees

DPW Orlando

Orlando-based Dunkman Paint & Wallcovering (DPW) announced that it started offering an educational opportunity to employees who have English as a Second Language (ESL), effective February 27.

Each Friday, the company offers select employees a free class in “Written and Verbal Communication in the Business World”. These classes are part of DPW’s continuing effort to provide its staff with the skills and knowledge to grow with the company and to better serve customers.

DPW said this program is unique in that as a painting contractor the program will give individuals with little or no language skills the opportunity to learn better English skills for the general business world and that are unique to the painting industry to allow them to progress in their chosen field.

The company’s management team also believe that there is a large pool of employees who have the work ethic, abilities, and intelligence to move upward in the industry but are simply held back by an inability to communicate professionally.

Stephanie Lancaster, an adjunct instructor at Valencia College, will be conducting the classes. Sheis a former adjunct instructor at the University of Central Florida, bringing years of multilingual instruction to the Dunkman Paint & Wallcovering.


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