A-1 introduces an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, giving employees a stake in its future

A1 manufacturing

A-1 Global Holdings, Inc., a leading manufacturer of pre–engineered wood trusses and wall panels headquartered in Fort Pierce, has announced the introduction of a company Employee Stock Ownership Plan (A-1 ESOP), enabling eligible employees to benefit directly in A-1’s future prosperity as owners.

The A-1 ESOP will enable employees to acquire at no cost shares of stock in A-1 Global Holdings, Inc., the parent company for all A-1’s manufacturing operations, the company said in a Feb. 23 statement.

“It’s an exciting time to be an A-1 employee,” said John Herring, CEO and chairman of A-1 Global Holdings. “Given our strong growth prospects, creation of the A-1 ESOP recognizes the tremendous contribution our employees have made to A-1’s success. Participation is going to be both a source of employee pride and financial security for A-1 employees.”

The A-1 ESOP will be governed by an independent trustee to safeguard employee interests. By giving eligible employees a stake in the company, the A-1 ESOP is expected to enhance the Company’s culture and drive future growth. All A-1 employees share the company’s core values of “Own it, Passionate, Honesty, and Respect.” Now they will be able to live out those values and reap the rewards as company owners.

“The A-1 ESOP represents the perfect alignment of Company goals, values and rewards,” said company president Jan S. Beck. “It makes clear that our people are front and center, and that’s exactly how we want it.”


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