$210 million available for projects to restore Florida’s water resources


Florida Construction News staff writer

More than $210 million has been awarded to 27 projects that will reduce harmful nutrients in Florida’s waterways. The awards include septic-to-sewer projects, wastewater treatment upgrades, stormwater projects, wastewater improvement projects and a regional agricultural project.

“It is important to protect and restore our waterways and to preserve the Florida way of life that has made us the Fishing and Boating Capital of the World,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said in a statement. “These awards will help keep our waterways clean for residents and visitors to enjoy.”

Grants will help communities restore impaired waterbodies. The selected projects will reduce total nitrogen loading by more than 1 million cumulative pounds per year, which will help to reduce harmful algal blooms.

Also, the Focus on Florida’s Future budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2024-25 includes $1.1 billion for water resources projects including $135 million for the Water Quality Improvement Grant Program.

Since the former Wastewater Grant Program’s creation in 2020, the Department of Environmental Protection has awarded about $763 million for 135 projects.

A list of all projects selected for funding for Fiscal Year 2023-24 can be found here.


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