Yuri Valson joins Florida Green Construction’s sales team

Yuri Valson
Yuri Valson

Yuri Valson has joined the sales team of Florida Green Construction in Palm Coast.

Valson was born in born in Riga, Latvia. He moved to New York in 1994 and in 2006, he moved to Florida to be near the sunny beaches. He has been in sales for five years.

Gene Slone, the company’s vice-president of construction, said this is the perfect time to add Valson, a highly-qualified sales person, to the team.

“The statistics show green home construction is growing exponentially and we are thrilled to be growing along with it,” he said. “Adding a great professional like Yuri to our outstanding sales team allows us to offer more customers even better service as we build their customized green home.”

In 2005, only two percent of new home construction was green, in 2016, approximately 38 percent of new construction was green. The National Association of Home Builders and the National Association of Realtors both report that 70 percent of new home buyers in the next decade will be looking for energy efficient, healthy to live in, the builder says in its news release.

Valson says he is passionate about green construction and its benefits, offering customers energy efficient, cost effective homes with a healthy indoor living environment and great safety features.

Green homes are comparably priced to traditionally built homes, plus homeowners continue to save over the lifetime of the home. The average savings on energy, water bills and homeowners’ insurance is $250 per month, the company’s statement says.

“I am thrilled with the opportunity to sell green homes to our valued customers because I really believe in our product,” said Valson. “The financial benefits alone of owning a green home are incredible, including its resale value, which can be up to 30 percent higher than those built through traditional construction in the U.S.”

The builder says its homes are built virtually free of harmful chemicals. The homes offer a healthy indoor environment with reduced exposure to dust, mold and other allergy triggers. The homes are also safer from exterior threats and can be built to be resistant to hurricanes, tornados, and fires.

“One popular feature is our sound suppressant homes,” said Slone. “It’s nice not to be able to hear your neighbor cutting their lawn early on a weekend morning.”


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