Yates Construction pulls down cranes from stalled downtown Tallahassee development

Washington Square
Washington Square

The contractor for a stalled Tallahassee development has pulled down its cranes after building permits expired.

Work on the Washington Square development has been on hold since 2019, plagued by a lawsuit with the City of Tallahassee over the Eastside parking garage and disputes over liens with subcontractors, WCTV reports.

While the lawsuit settled out of court, and the liens were repaid a few months ago, in January, work has not restarted.

A Leon County Commissioners agenda item for its May 12 meeting says Fairmont Development and Yates Construction have terminated their contract and Yates would begin removing its cranes beginning May 2.

It also says Fairmont has expressed interest to secure new financing and find a new contractor, but has not identified a time frame.
“They have not identified a time frame to resume construction activities but indicate that the remainder of the project would take 12-13 months to complete,” the agenda reports. “Should the permits expire for the stalled construction project and the site appear neglected or in a state of disrepair, city code enforcement action may be warranted.”


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