TOP WOMEN IN CONSTRUCTION – Tracey Ann Thomas gets things done


Special Feature

Tracey Ann Thomas, the Director of HR at Florida Coast Equipment, is known as an HR leader who enjoys getting things done, developing solutions, and executing strategies that contribute to business results while maximizing employee potential and productivity.

That’s why Tracey Ann has been chosen as one of the Top 10 Women in Construction by Florida Construction News.

“Tracey should be chosen as one of the ‘Top 10 Women of the Construction Industry’ for many reasons. Tracey embodies our core values, particularly integrity,” said . “She consistently fosters relationships by being trustworthy, honest, respectful, and considerate in all her interactions.”

In the male-dominated world of construction, Tracey has not only thrived but also made a significant impact, joining FCE as the company’s first HR director and single-handedly building the entire department from scratch.

Tracey’s dedication and hard work are truly commendable by those she works with at FCE and in the broader construction community. Some of the highlights of her career include successfully set up comprehensive benefits, compensation plans, and ensured compliance with industry regulations.

FCE has grown from 80 to over 200 employees in the last 24 months. Tracey joined the growing team in Sept. 2021 and from day one has consistently and reliably risen to the day-to-day challenges and she played a key role in the company’s future planning.

“Her ability to navigate through the challenges of creating and leading her department is truly inspiring. Tracey has not only gained the respect and trust of her colleagues but has also earned a reputation for her competence and expertise,” said. “She has become a valuable resource for the entire organization, providing guidance and support to both management and employees.

Tracey’s accomplishments, along with her relentless work ethic, make her an exceptional leader. Her commitment to excellence and her drive to create an inclusive and thriving workplace environment are qualities that truly set her apart.

Congratulations, Tracey. Your remarkable success, strong leadership and dedication are an inspiration for young women considering careers in construction.


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