TECO begins construction on Payne Creek solar plant

Payne Creek solar plant

TECO Energy has started construction of the first of 10 solar power plants that it plans to build over the next two years in Florida, The Ledger reported.

The first plant, named Payne Creek, is being built in South Polk County on the 500-acre site on the western side of Old Highway 37 across from the Streamsong Resort, according to TECO spokeswoman Cherie Jacobs.

Payne Creek is part of a plan to build 10 solar facilities in West Central Florida by Jan. 1, 2021. The 10 plants would use 6 million solar panels generating 600 megawatts, which would power more than 100,000 homes, according to TECO.

The company is looking at a handful of other Polk County sites for solar facilities, Jacobs said. “These projects do take a lot of acreage,” she said. “That’s a challenge for someone developing solar – finding enough land.”


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