Tampa includes building climate-ready infrastructure in new climate action plan


Florida Construction News staff writer

The City of Tampa has released a climate action plan that targets clean energy and resilient infrastructure projects.

City staff worked with scientists, community members, energy modelers over the past two years to decide how to address the challenges posed by growth and climate change while making a stronger, healthier, more sustainable, and resilient city. The plan has three goals:

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • Build Climate Ready Infrastructure
  • Support All People Along the Way

The new climate plan includes 143 initiatives across 10 categories including water, land use, and energy. Much of the plan focuses on improving quality of life through infrastructure projects funded and constructed by the city itself.

“Through the actions identified in the Climate Action & Equity Plan, our city departments now have clear guidance on how to consider climate impacts and infrastructure opportunities in the Capital Planning process,” said Mayor Jane Castor. “Our stormwater projects will consider heavier and more intense rainfall, community centers will be outfitted with energy efficiency projects and solar, and we will continue to promote more sustainable transit options.”

A press conference announcing the Climate Action and Equity Plan was held at the Loretta Ingraham Community Center, the site of the city’s second installation of solar on a city building, following the city center at Hanna Avenue, which is currently under construction. Funds saved by reducing energy bills at the community center will go to recreation programs.

In addition to the Climate Action and Equity Plan, the city commissioned a report to identify options for municipal operations to run on renewable energy.


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