SYKES’ newly renovated flagship call center supports healthy, energetic work environment


sykes GS&PGS&P’s designs utilize open workstations, intelligent lighting and ergonomic furniture

Gresham, Smith and Partners has announced  the completion of the 92,231 sq. ft. Lakeland call center renovation for Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated. The three-building project on the company’s flagship campus in Lakeland, Fla., was completed in two phases. Its design creates an improved work environment centered on collaboration, energy, efficiency and employee wellness. It will serve as a prototype for future SYKES call center renovations. GS&P completed a renovation of SYKES’ corporate headquarters in Tampa last year, GS&P said in a news release.

“GS&P’s design team studied many existing SYKES’ call centers to better understand their challenges related to function and aesthetics,” said  GS&P principal interior designer Jacqueline Russo. “Our implementation of open workstations, an energy-saving lighting control system, ergonomic furniture and vibrant visual displays and graphics support improved operations and employee satisfaction. We are confident that the design introduced in the Lakeland center will facilitate increased employee satisfaction, retention and knowledge development as it’s rolled out at other SYKES call centers worldwide, helping them grow and solidify their brand amongst global competition.”

“We are very pleased with GS&P’s transformation of our Lakeland campus,” said Dan Hernandez, executive vice-president, Global Strategy, SYKES. “We have a modern, energetic space with plenty of employee-friendly amenities including a café, break rooms and comfortable meeting areas. The open design allows much greater efficiency, flexibility and wellness among our agents, managers and team leaders who now have an improved ability to move around the office throughout the day. GS&P’s team established excellent design criteria that positions SYKES well for future success.”

“The design team implemented the innovative new DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) lighting control system throughout the center,” the news release reported. “The intelligent, low-voltage system includes rows of suspended lighting over workstations which turn on and off depending on time of day and adjust brightness level based on shifts in personnel. The fine-tuned lighting levels significantly reduce lumen output during the workday, resulting in energy savings. Workstations are also outfitted with comfortable chairs and adjustable-height worktables, allowing employees to stand and move around while completing calls. All of these elements aim to improve employees’ health and fitness over the long term.”

GS&P’s Corporate and Urban Design’s recent workplace design portfolio includes Asurion’s Atlanta Development CenterGroninger USA, LLC’s U.S. headquarters and Dunn Building Company’s corporate headquarters.


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