Smart Charter Group plans aviation school in Kendall area

Smart Charter School florida

Smart Charter Group has plans for the 165,100 sq. ft. school with county officials, the South Florida Business Journal reports.

The developer plans to build the K-12 school on the 9.5 acre site at 13300 S.W. 120th St., which it acquired for $6.7 million in 2014.

The new school campus, designed by Llorente Architects, will include a gym, playground, media center and classrooms.

Smart Charter Group is owned by MG3 Developer principals Marcelo Saiegh, Gustavo Bogomolni, and Hernan Leonoff, as well as Virginia Garcia and Juan Carlos Quintana, documents indicate.

Leonoff said the charter school has developed its program in cooperation with local aviation companies, who are seeking more workers from Miami.

Bridgeprep Academy of Advanced Studies will be able to address a much-needed aviation component in the community,” Leonoff was quoted as saying. “Bridgeprep students will be working alongside with different airlines to give students a hands on experience in the aviation industry. It will open the door to a new set of skills and passion for many students.”


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