Rice Pavilion repairs at Rollins College in Winterpark run into snags


There is a structure at Rollins College in Winterpark that is synonymous with the campus. The Rice Family Pavilion had been in need of renovations for quite some time and those got off to a rocky start.

Most of the issues were caused by the way electrical conduits were wired and arranged on the structure making it difficult to make any adjustments according to The Sandspur. The conduits controlled the modern implementations to the building, including most of the technology and utilities, like phones. It took time for construction workers to navigate the old style of routing.

But the pavilion should be ready for a soft opening this January. The Rice Family Pavilion, which was previously the campus bookstore, will now be used as a meeting place for students, faculty, and staff. It will also hold larger events during the weekends from outside vendors.


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