Patrick Air Force Base seeks contractors


The Patrick Air Force Base is seeking several contractors for a variety of construction tasks, the Orlando Business Journal reports.

Earlier this month, the air base issued a solicitation for eight Florida companies to compete for services on a contract valued between $5 million to $10 million. The deadline for proposals is Aug. 16 at 1 p.m, according to the Journal.

The contract will be an indefinite delivery/indefinite-quantity type contract and will include a wide variety of individual construction tasks as identified and based on prices from a 2018 Construct Task Catalog (CTC), which will be utilized through a cost estimating software program, EGORDIAN.

During the contract period, the base civil engineer will identify construction tasks required to complete each specific job, and the 45th Contracting Squadron will negotiate and issue individual task orders to the contractor. The contractor will be required to furnish all materials, equipment, and personnel necessary to manage and accomplish multiple projects. The contractor will be required to maintain a management office on Patrick AFB in order to receive task orders and provide other management services related to accomplishing individual jobs.

The resultant contract will have one base year plus two option years, with an anticipated contract start in October 2018.

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