New simulator under construction at Tampa Fire Training Grounds


Florida Construction News staff writer

The Tampa Fire Training Grounds is undergoing a major upgrade with a new fire tower under construction.

The Drager Phase 5 Modified Multi Story System is an innovative training structure that will replace the Drager Phase Four burn simulator, which had been in service for more than a decade.

Since its establishment in 1978, the site has been a beacon of excellence in firefighter education, however, the reality is that over the past 45 years, minimal upgrades have been made to the facility. The most recent purchase, dating back to 2009, initiated a live fire program, showcasing the dedication to enhancing training capabilities.

The Drager Phase 5, expected to be completed the week of Sept. 11, and modified shipping containers, including burn chambers capable of exposure to extreme temperatures, cold chambers, a tower and an elevator shaft to practice responding to fires in high rises, repelling points, and confined space training areas.

“This upgrade to the Drager Phase 5 is exciting. It marks a significant milestone for our department, but it is a call to action for our community and stakeholders,”said Tampa Fire Rescue Chief Barbara Tripp. “We need additional ALS rescue vehicles, more firefighters, modern technology to expedite response times, and the improvement of outdated stations and equipment to better serve our community.”


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