New bill to ban cities from requiring affordable housing

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Florida’s House has passed a new bill that would impose certain requirements relating to affordable housing.

The rapidly advancing bill, as Reason reports, would prohibit cities from mandating that new private housing projects include any percentage of rent-restricted units at all.

The bill, HB 7103, now moves to the state Senate. It would ban cities from adopting “inclusionary zoning” ordinances which require developers to rent out a certain percentage of new housing units at affordable rates to tenants earning less than a city’s median income.

In addition, the bill would provide minimum requirements for adopting impact fee; require local government to credit against collection of impact fees contributions related to public education facilities; require local government to increase impact or mobility fee credits previously awarded; specify use of summary procedure in development order cases; revise timeframe an owner or contractor must notify building official of use of private provider; revise timeframe for approval or denial of permit applications; authorize contractor to petition court to enforce building code inspection service laws; and limit number of times building official may audit private provider.


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