Moss awarded contract for NeoCity office building construction

neo city moss
Source: SchenkelShultz Architecture

Moss says it it has been awarded a contract and has received the Notice to Proceed from Osceola County to build a 100,000-sq. ft. office building in NeoCity.

The NeoCity Technology District is projected to be an economic behemoth, creating more than 127,000 jobs, $9.2 billion in total labor income and more than $800 million in total tax revenue during its full 50-year buildout.

“We are excited to build this project, which will be the start of this ambitious technology campus,” said Moss senior vice-president John Bowden. “We know NeoCity’s goal is to attract world-class technology research and manufacturing, and we are glad to be in a position to help make that happen.”

Designed by Orlando-based SchenkelShultz Architecture, the planned four-story building will be the second building and first office building within Osceola County’s 500-acre NeoCity Technology District.

“The office building is one more sign — along with infrastructure improvements and the NeoCity Academy – that plans for our 500-acre technology district continue to move forward with a transformative approach to energize our economy,” Osceola Commission chairman Fred Hawkins, Jr. said. “NeoCity is a big part of our future as it will create jobs and a lifestyle that elevates our community, the region and the state.”

The building is scheduled to be completed early in 2019.


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