Molina bridge collapses: FDOT orders temporary construction halt

image wear tv 3
Image of the bridge collapse from WEAR-TV 3

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has ordered GDB US Constructors of Parrish to stop work on a $1.97 million Molino bridge project after it collapsed on June 30

The bridge collapsed as newly poured concrete was drying, Florida Department of Transportation spokesman Ian Satter was quoted as saying in the Pensacola News Journal.

FDOT has ordered the contractor to reassess its construction engineering on the project, Satter said.

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The project was delayed previously about three weeks ago, after workers poured concrete and FDOT inspectors found “dips” in the concrete. FDOT ordered the concrete removed and the work redone, he said.

The newspaper reported that the company’s primary place of business address is a single-family home in the River Wilderness subdivision 30 miles south of Tampa in Parrish, according Florida’s Division of Corporation’s Sunbiz website.

The bridge collapsed after the second attempt at pouring the concrete.

Satter said a temporary structural support failed before the concrete had set, and the wet concrete began to slowly pour out into the creek below, leading to the collapse.

“It was a very slow process,” Satter said. “The crews saw what was happening and got their team off of the bridge.”

Satter said all of the concrete that went into the creek was contained and the contractor is working to remove it.

GDB US Constructors will be responsible for paying for the cleanup and any extra cost added to the project, Satter said. “There won’t be any additional funds contributed to the project.

“We shouldn’t see a significant delay, but we should see probably a couple of weeks added on to the project,” he said.


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