Miami-Dade College likely to get $25 million for Freedom Tower

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Florida’s state government is considering a $25 million investment for Miami-Dade College to preserve, refurbish and enhance the Freedom Tower.

The proposal will be considered during the upcoming legislative session, and will be included in the governor’s legislative budget recommendation, Gov. Roy DeSantis says in a statement.

For nearly 100 years, the tower has been a symbol of freedom and democracy, becoming an integral part of the Miami skyline. From 1962 to 1974, the Freedom Tower became one of the most recognizable historic buildings in Florida as the place where Cuban refugees would be taken for assistance after fleeing the communist regime and landing in Florida.

The $25 million in funding will be used to: complete urgent structural repairs; conserve and restore historical architectural components; make the building more accessible for people with disabilities; install museum-quality climate control and security systems to safeguard the Cuban American history stored there; and reimagine and redesign the exhibits displaying that history to make it more engaging for all ages.

The Freedom Tower has nearly 3,000 pieces of art and artifacts on display across 30,000 sq. ft. of museum-quality space and a total of 87,000 sq. ft. While the building has been restored and maintained by the previous owners and Miami Dade College, this infusion of capital through the Deferred Building Maintenance Program will allow the college to quicken its time horizon for repairs.


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