Miami Beach prioritizes $95 million for infrastructure improvements


Florida Construction News staff writer

The Miami Beach Commission has adopted a major update to the city’s 2011 Stormwater Master Plan including $95 million for 20 critical resilience projects over the next decade in areas prone to flooding. The funding is in addition to continued implementation of water quality treatment improvement projects and longer-term neighborhood improvement projects.

“Upgrading our aging infrastructure is unquestionably a public safety issue,” said Miami Beach Mayor Steven Meiner. “Ultimately, we need to get this done which will save us more in the long run.”

The city has completed $103 million in stormwater resilience projects since the master plan was approved 13 years ago. These include projects on Palm and Hibiscus islands, Indian Creek Drive from 26 to 41 streets as part of a joint project with the Florida Department of Transportation, new pump stations at 10, 14 and 17 streets as well as projects on lower North Bay Road and Sunset Islands 3 and 4.

“Obviously, a lot has changed from 2011,” acknowledged Miami Beach Public Works Director Joe Gomez, noting the plan has been updated for the next generation of residents. “Sea level projections have changed. A lot of other areas have been addressed.”

This master plan update is based on findings from recent studies such as the Blue-Green Stormwater Infrastructure Concept Plan, Road Elevation Study and the Neighborhood Improvement Project Prioritization.

The updated stormwater model indicated that for the entire city to mitigate a 10-year, 24-hour storm, 83 new stormwater pump stations as well as the construction of about 104 miles of large stormwater pipes is required.


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