McGowan Builders completes three projects in Downtown Miami

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Mc Gowan Builders Inc. recently completed three projects in the Wells Fargo Center in Miami, Florida.

The company built a fully-equipped, 3500-square-foot gym, spec office suites, and removing five floors of concrete shear walls to enhance views in the elevator lobbies.

Mc Gowan Builders was tasked with outfitting the 19th floor of the Wells Fargo Center with a 3500-square-foot gym, complete with showers, an aerobic room and fitness equipment. Per the request of the building’s ownership, the company brought the project within budget parameters, lowering costs for both parties. The company worked closely with representation of the building’s ownership to ensure budgetary and time constraints were met.

Wells Fargo Center ownership was seeking to remove and restructure existing concrete shear walls and supports to increase views and enhance visibility. Mc Gowan Builders was responsible for the intricate removal of two shear walls on each of five floors, with each shear wall measuring two feet high by three feet thick by eight feet long. The company installed two tons of steel per floor and created new supports to replace the shear walls.

The Wells Fargo Center is one of Miami’s premier class A office spaces, which created special requirements for Mc Gowan Builders to navigate and comply with during the project, including nightly demolition and working within an occupied building.

“Our team was deeply involved with structural engineers from the start of the design-build project. Class A office space is especially challenging to work with, and we are proud of the commitment to safety and efficiency by our team and the Wells Fargo Center,” stated Mc Gowan Builders project manager Ryan Maier.

Mc Gowan Builders served as general contractor for the interior fit-out of the spec suites for Taylor and Mathis.The first generation fit-out encompassed the class A office space build-out, as well as new common area corridor and elevator lobby finishes.


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