Manhattan Construction selected to build $20 million Dunedin City Hall


Manhattan Construction Company has been selected by the City of Dunedin to build a new city hall.

Dunedin is preparing to break ground on a 38,463-sq. ft. government center in May. The Dunedin City Commission approved a $20 million bid from Manhattan to build a City Hall with municipal and technical services at 727 Louden Ave. and a surface parking lot on an adjacent parcel, reports Tampa Bay Times.

The project has a proposed lifespan of 100 years, with solar power generation, electric vehicle charging stations and multi-purpose spaces for community use.

The new building is designed by Harvard Jolly Architecture. The new design incorporates COVID-19 influenced elements, including individual offices and partitions for social distancing, automatic doors and elevators, and copper alloy surfaces that have been proven to be inhospitable to the virus, according to the Times.


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