LCSB prequalifies four contractors for Tallahassee-area school work

lcps facilities and cosntruction manual

The Leon County School Board (LCSB) has voted to prequalify four contractors for a one-year period to bid on construction projects.

Prequalified contractors approved at the LCSB’s  May 11 meeting are: Albritton Electrical Service, Inc., Florida Electric, Inc., Mechanical Services of Central Florida, Inc., and finally, Smith Plumbing Company, Inc.

Tallahassee Reports also notes that the board approved:

  • An agreement with Southern Earth Sciences to perform asbestos consulting services at the Griffin Middle School. Southern Earth Sciences will use phase contrast microscopy (PCM) testing to monitor the air and for final clearance. The estimated cost is $600 per day for seven days, totaling $4,200;
  • The redesign of the Barbering classroom at Lively Technical College to improve the room’s sanitation and functionality. Lively Technical College will exclusively fund the remodeling, with costs estimated at $48,008; and
  • The School Impact Analysis form for two projects – Enclave 1 and Enclave 2 , two projects with 460 multi-family dwellings in near College Town. According to the report there is no negative impact on the district. The School Impact Analysis was developed by the Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department for the Board to report the projected impact of residential development in the area on the school district.

The LCPS Facilities and Construction Manual


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