HNTB wins construction and engineering contract for new Miami-Dade Transitway


HNTB Corp. has been contracted by the Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation and Public Works to provide construction, engineering and inspection services for the new South-Dade Transitway Corridor.

The project will create a new 20-mile bus rapid transit line with 14 weather-controlled stations running through some of the fastest-growing communities in Miami-Dade county. The project is expected to take approximately two years to complete.

BRT systems function much like subways, with specially designed busses traveling through dedicated corridors integrated with existing roadways, stopping at stations that allow level-platform boarding and pre-board ticket purchases to move passengers quickly and reliably. The BRT Transitway system will be one of only two in the country that feature moving barrier arms that will halt cross traffic when busses approach intersections.


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