Gainesville receives $8 million for road construction


Florida Construction News staff writer

An $8 million award from the U.S. Department of Transportation will be used to transform part of University Avenue in Gainseville into a complete street with improved pedestrian and cyclist safety, and accessibility.

“This is a big deal,” said Gainesville Mayor Harvey Ward. “There are more than 400 cities in Florida, and we are one of only three to receive a Safe Streets and Roads for All implementation grant, made possible through the Inflation Reduction Act.”

With a $2 million local match, the city will build dedicated bicycle lanes, raised crosswalks, transit stop improvements and slower traffic. The first phase of the project, resurfacing and restriping, is expected to begin in 2026.

The city is working in partnership with the Florida Department of Transportation and the University of Florida on a preliminary design and environment study for the design and implementation of the project. The study is also assessing potential improvements along a 1.5 mile stretch of West 13 Street between NW 8th and SW 16th avenues.

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