Gainesville developer wins Gainseville beautification awards for luxury apartments

solaria gainsville

Trimark Properties has received three awards from the City of Gainesville Beautification Board for Outstanding Individual leadership and pioneering city revitalization through aesthetic appeal and state-of-the-art construction with two of their custom luxury apartments near the University of Florida’s Sorority Row, the company says in a news release.

The two apartments recognized were the recently constructed Solaria II Luxury Apartments, which feature Spanish influences in architecture and design. Additionally, Tuscana Luxury Apartments were also recognized in the Beautification Awards. Tuscana’s handcrafted Italian exterior boasts trellises, intricate stonework and natural wood to enhance the surrounding area as does the aforementioned Solaria II.

The beautification board recognizes projects in the area based on their contribution to the surrounding community, emphasis on eco-friendly construction, and leadership in urban redevelopment and expansion. These awards serve as a low-cost incentive to push construction practices in a positive direction for the entire City of Gainesville as well as other cities who have implemented this ceremony.

Trimark Properties managing partner John Fleming received the Outstanding Individual Award to honor his personal commitment to the Gainesville community over the span of several years. His leadership and guidance in revitalizing a once dull area of the Gainesville community was applauded.

Including the 2016 recognitions, Trimark Properties has won more than 35 city beautification awards since the inception of the board, the news release says.


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