FTC Kissimmee opens doors of new Construction Trade and Technology Education Center

FTC Kissimmee
FTC President David Ruggieri, left, with members of the college's first Construction Trade and Technology program. (PRNewsFoto/Florida Technical College)

Florida Technical College Kissimmee Campus has  opened its new Construction Trade and Technology Education Center. The facilities are a modern training ground for a myriad of construction disciplines, including welding, electrical and HVAC, the college says in a news release.

The construction industry is currently generating almost as many jobs in Central Florida as the hospitality industry. During the last year alone, more than 12,000 jobs related to the construction sector have been created in the region, according to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

“We strive to create programs that respond to the needs in our community’s labor force,” said FTC president and CEO David Ruggieri. “We’re developing the work force that will step up to the plate and continue to build and improve Central Florida’s skyline. The jobs are out there. Construction is neck to neck with the hospitality industry. We want for our students to be able to seize on that opportunity.”

Ruggieri added that today’s construction sites are more high-tech and sophisticated than before and to be successful, workers need to be knowledgeable about much more than brick and mortar.

“We’ve paid careful attention to equipping our Center with the best there is when it comes to tools, machinery and virtual reality simulators,” Ruggieri said. “We can’t overlook the fact that 21st century workers need to be technology savvy in order to be successful.”

FTC Kissimmee campus executive director Gabriel Garcés explained that learning at the school’s new center will be hands on and interactive.

“Students will learn by doing,” Garcés said. “They will develop skills as they go, in a real-life learning environment. We have a superb group of instructors with decades of combined experience in the construction industry ready to share their knowledge and mentor.”

Enrollment is now open for classes starting the fourth week of November.

Image: FTC president David Ruggieri, left, with members of the college’s first Construction Trade and Technology program. (PRNewsFoto/Florida Technical College)


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