FTA to provide construction grant for First Coast Flyer BRT project

Courtesy of Transit.dot.gov

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration has announced a $1.36 billion in federal funding for 16 new and existing transit projects in the Capital Investment Grants (CIG) Program, including a $16.6 million contribution to a Jacksonville bus rapid transit (BRT) project.

The First Coast Flyer Southwest Corridor BRT project is a 12.9-mile BRT line from the Convention Center in downtown Jacksonville, via Florida State College-Jacksonville (Kent Campus), to the Orange Park Mall in Clay County.

Upon the final FTA approval of a construction grant agreement, the project will receive $16.6 million to complete the CIG funding request.

Nationally, the FTA is allocating approximately $424.8 million to two projects that have existing construction grant agreements and five new projects that are nearing readiness for consideration to receive such an agreement.

In addition, the FTA is allocating $936 million to nine projects with existing construction grant agreements.

The other four new projects included are  (1) Virginia Street Corridor BRT project in Reno, Nev.; (2) River Corridor/Blue Line BRT project in Albany, N.Y.; (3) Division Transit BRT project in Portland, Ore.; and (4) Central City Line BRT project in Spokane, Wash.

The CIG program provides funding for major transit infrastructure capital investments nationwide. Projects accepted into the program must go through a multi-year, multi-step process according to requirements in law to be eligible for consideration to receive program funds.


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