Florida’s crane and equipment provider Sims Crane produces new safety videos

sims crane

Florida-based crane and equipment provider Sims Crane recently released a new “Sims Crane Minute” safety education video addressing power lines and electrical safety.

The Sims Crane Minute video series was created by Sims in 2013 in response to a report issued by the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association that identified the top 10 root causes of crane and rigging insurance losses, according to a news release.

In the videos, crane experts and safety professionals provide basic education to raise awareness and inform workers on the job site. The videos have covered a wide range of topics including improper rigging, overloading and ground collapse, gravity, and the effect of weather conditions on the job site.

The most recent production features Sims Crane Director of Safety, Bob Berry, who boasts four decades in the crane and rigging industry and has becomes an industry icon for crane safety. The new video addresses power lines and electrical safety.

“Our goal at Sims Crane is to encourage safe work practices so everyone goes home safely,”states Dean Sims II, vice president of marketing and producer of the video series at Sims Crane. “Sims Crane has been doing rigging work for more than 50 years and we feel it is our responsibility to share our extensive safety knowledge.”


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