Daytona’s Jackie Robinson Ballpark getting $30 million upgrade


Florida Construction News staff writer

Daytona Beach city council has approved more than $30 million for upgrades to the Jackie Robinson Ballpark to ensure the site meets Major League Baseball standards.

Funding is part of a 20-year lease approved with the Daytona Tortugas,  the Single-A Affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds and a member Minor League Baseball’s Florida State League. The contract includes provisions for two five-year renewals. “Our riverfront has an esplanade now that is just fantastic,” said city manager John Nicholson, speaking at a commissioners meeting. “When you come over that bridge, you see a parking lot; not well maintained, a bunch of holes in the ground.

“If we do this lease, it behooves us to give them the best possible location.”

According to Nicholson, the renovation plan includes “the whole” of city island to make it as nice as the esplanade, “so that everybody that goes to that ballpark will have a fantastic experience.”

The next step, is for the city to issue a request for proposals (RFP) for design.The $30 million cost estimate was originally put forward in October 2022. Here’s what the plan includes:

  • Phase one improvements will bring the stadium up to required MLB standards and construction will cost about $17 million and must be completed by December 2025.
  • Phase two of the project includes fan amenities, new washrooms at a cost of about $11.6 million – according to an October 2022 report.

“The Tortugas are ecstatic this proud tradition will continue for many years to come in Daytona Beach and I am excited for the future of the ballpark and the City of Daytona Beach,” said Tortugas general manager Jim Jaworski.

As part of the agreement, improvements are currently underway focusing on meeting standards set by Major League Baseball (MLB) across all minor league teams. The ballpark upgrades fans should see in the 2024 season include new LED field lights, a new batter’s eye in center, and the replacement of the foul poles.

“We could not be happier with our partnership with the CODB and that affiliated professional baseball will continue to be played at Jackie Robinson Ballpark for years to come, said Fregolle. “This partnership with the CODB will allow us to continue to showcase the MLB stars of tomorrow at the first-class facility that fans of baseball in Daytona Beach deserve.”


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